I have been married since 1968 and have four adult children. In 1970 I became a social worker and have worked since this time in this profession.

In 1972 I moved with my family to Guldental, Kreis Bad Kreuznach. From August 1979 to November 2008, I was in aid of the homeless Kreuznacher Diakonie operate. In December 1996 I was ordinated as a lay preacher and I preach occasionally in the parish of Windesheim-Guldental and in the congregation of Nahe und Glan.

Additionally I enjoy painting and drawing, photography and filming. I also enjoy travelling in eastern Europe countries and visiting cultural and historic sites.

For many years I have intensively researched my family genealogy and I posses an extensive archive of the patrimonial and matrimonial family tree.

If you have the same name or a similar one like "Ziuziak" or "Zuziak", then you may perhaps find something of interest to you here. Unfortunately you will only find data of the patrimonial family tree.

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